Production of High pH Alkaline Ionized Water
for Bottling & Vending

Alkaline Ionized Water [AIW] has the greatest profit of all other types of drinking water for which Pericom nigeria provides commercial water electrolyzer systems for Bottled Water Plants and Water Stores.

As the industry leader in electrolyzed water, Envirolyte Industries International [Tallinn, Estonia] has appointed Pericom nigeria International LLC as their exclusive distributor for the marketing and sale of Envirolyte commercial water electrolyzers to bottled water plants and water stores.

There is no company in nigeria at the moment bottling.

For the production of Alkaline Ionized Water, Pericom nigeria offers Envirolyte ECO units in various sizes that produce as much as 20 gallons per minute.

For AIW Water Stores, the following ECO models are most in demand:

Envirolyte Model                         AIW Production Rate

                                                      Gallons per Minute


ECO-300                                                       1.04


ECO-600                                                       2.08


ECO-900                                                       3.12   


ECO-1200                                                     4.16   


For operation as an Integral Composite Plug & Play Module, the following components are required in addition to the ECO commercial electrolyzer unit:

Sediment Filtration System  Water Pressure Regulator.  Mazzei Venturi Injector or Brine Metering Pump and Brine Tank to add TDS to the Incoming Feed Water to increase the electrical conductivity for optimum electrolysis to take place.  Acid Tank & Acid Pump for periodic de-scaling of the electrolyzer water cell.  Control valves, electrical and plumbing connections