The occurrence in nature of lightning electrical discharge into the ocean illustrates the same process that is replicated in an Envirolyte Commercial Water Electrolyzer using only 3 ingredients:   Electricity, Water and Salt.

Pericom Nigeria Limited is the sole authorized Distributor / Dealer of the full range of Envirolyte Electrolyzer Systems for the production of High PH Alkaline Ionized Water for drinking and cooking of Activated Electrolyzed Aqua Solutions for generating Neutral Anolyte, Anolyte and Catholyte for use in various applications.

The process involves nothing but Electricity, Water and Salt [NaCl] with all of the electrolyzed by-products reverting back to their natural state as an element or compound.

Envirolyte Activated Electrolyzed Aqua Solutions are completely non-toxic as well as 100% biodegradable as Truly Natural “Green” Products that have the capability to revolutionize the Agriculture, Livestock, Food Processing and other industries in producing organic products.