Treatment of Viral & Bacterial Infections in the Equine Industry

In the equine industry, where problems with on-going viral and bacterial conditions are a major concern, Envirolyte has developed a very effective treatment regime that when used with other facets of the technology, positively aids recovery and enhances performance.

The concept of the technology is simple.

ANK-Neutral Anolyte -- an Activated Electrolyzed Aqua Solution that is produced by Envirolyte equipment -- is used to kill viral and bacterial infection.  50 ml of ANK-Neutral Anolyte is given orally to the animal twice a day -- morning and evening, for 5 days.  If the animal resists oral ingestion, the ANK-Neutral Anolyte can be diluted with 20% water to make it more palatable. In extreme cases of resistance, the medicine should be injected directly into muscle tissue in the rump or hind quarters of the animal.

Only qualified personnel should carry out this procedure.

The precise chemical nature of this solution is such that it immediately enters into the animal’s bloodstream and is not diminished in effectiveness battling with the digestive system.  Once in the bloodstream, ANK-Neutral Anolyte systematically destroys any pathological organism present.  It is so effective that an immediate improvement is often seen after 48 hours.

To complement this treatment, another solution – Catholyte -- which is produced by the same Envirolyte technology, is also administered to the animal.  Catholyte contains a naturally created dose of macro and micro components which have the same ability as ANK-Neutral Anolyte to enter quickly into the bloodstream and replace nutrients lost during the animal’s fight with the infection, thus enabling quick recovery.

In administering Catholyte, follow the same procedure as with ANK-Neutral Anolyte, but with an oral dosage of 80 ml of Catholyte.  Catholyte should be applied following treatment with ANK-Neutral Anolyte, with 5 minutes elapsed time recommended.  Catholyte can be given undiluted.  However, if the horse resists oral ingestion, Catholyte can be diluted with tap water at a 1:1 ratio. 

Store ANK-Neutral Anolyte & Catholyte in a cool, dry place away from sunlight – ideally in a refrigerator.  Although the narrative is in German, the photos in the following web site testimonial show the effectiveness of ANK-Neutral Anolyte in treating the infection of a horse’s leg in which conventional treatment was ineffective.

After 2 weeks of treatment with ANK-Neutral Anolyte, the infection was gone.