Use of Ionized Water in Food Preparation and Cooking

A review of the advantages of using Acidic and Alkaline Ionized Water in Food Preparation, Drinking and Cooking should be enough to convince any Restaurant Owner, Household or Professional Chef that the appearance, taste and quality of all types of Food and Beverages are optimized by using Ionized Water in their preparation.

Acidic Ionized Water [Anolyte] should always be used in washing and rinsing vegetables, fruit and other food products – instead of Municipal Tap Water that contains chlorine, other chemicals and pollutants that discolor and degrade the appearance, taste and nutritional value of food.

The equipment package for a restaurant includes an electrolyzer to produce Acidic Ionized Water [Anolyte] -- plus a second electrolyzer to produce Alkaline Ionized Water [Catholyte].

An Envirolyte Electrolyzer can produce Acidic and Alkaline Ionized Water for a fraction of a penny per gallon -- which makes it practical to use Acidic Ionized Water in Food Washing and Preparation and Alkaline Ionized Water for Drinking and Cooking.

Envirolyte Electrolyzers alter the Electro-Chemistry Properties of Water in producing a powerful Micro-Biocide, a Catalyst, a Detergent, a Redox Agent and many other types of Activated Water with diverse applications.

The process involves nothing but Electricity, Water and Salt [NaCl] to provide increased electrical conductivity of the water for the electrolyses process to take place.

Since no man-made chemical compounds are used, the products are safe, with the Activated Electrolyzed Aqua-Solutions reverting back to their normal state as ordinary water, other compounds and elements.

Envirolyte technology is not comparable with chlorination since Acidic Anolyte is much more powerful than Chlorine.  

Instead of having to purchase bottled Chlorine and add it to water to prepare a disinfection/sterilization solution, Envirolyte Electrolyzers provide on-site generation of Acidic Anolyte which is a much stronger and more effective agent than just the use of Chlorine by itself. 

Envirolyte Commercial Water Electrolyzers produce different types of Electro-Chemical Activated Solutions, depending on the DC electrical current strength, flow rate of the water stream and its distribution in the Anode and Cathode Chambers of the electrolyzer.


Alkaline Catholyte for Drinking and Cooking

The human health benefits of High pH Alkaline Ionized Water [AIW] are becoming increasingly recognized, with a vast unfilled market niche for the commercial production, bottling and bulk dispensing of AIW for drinking and cooking.

As a beverage, High pH Alkaline Ionized Water [AIW] should be offered by every restaurant, cafeteria or other food service provider as a Premium Health-Enhancing Specialty Water that is listed on the beverage menu and sold by the glass, carafe or as Private Label Bottled Alkaline Ionized Water.

Acidic Anolyte for Disinfection/Sterilization

Acidic Anolyte is a very powerful disinfectant against all bacteria, viruses and other organisms, as well as killing fungi, mold and mildew. 

Envirolyte technology is not comparable with chlorination in terms of Kg of Chlorine per Hour/Day since Acidic Anolyte is much more powerful than Chlorine, with much less Active Chlorine needed and generated on-site by the electrolysis process itself.

All grocery stores and produce markets should use Acidic Anolyte in lieu of misting fruits and vegetables with ordinary water. 

Envirolyte Electrolyzers provide for On-Site Generation of Activated Aqua Solutions that are:

Ø     Non-Irritant, Non-Toxic and 100% biodegradable as Truly Natural “Green” Products that revert to their original state as water, compounds and elements.

Ø     Rapid Acting

Ø     Broad Spectrum

Ø     Highly Effective Anti-Microbial Agents

Ø     Virtually Odorless and Environmentally Friendly

Ø     Eliminate the use of costly reagents and toxic chemicals.

Ø     Improve the quality of the treated food or beverage.

Use of Ionized Water in Food Preparation and Cooking


There are many excellent reasons for using Alkaline Ionized Water in Food Preparation, Cooking and Baking.  

Preparing food with Alkaline Ionized Water not only improves the taste of the food, but also its purity, safety, nutrition and appearance.  

Tastier and More Economical Fruit and Vegetable Juices

In reconstituting any concentrated drinks with Alkaline Ionized Water -- such as concentrated orange juice, grapefruit juice, grape juice or tomato juice -- you will notice a definite improvement in the taste.  It tastes much closer to the fresh product.  

It is also possible to stretch the volume of the finished beverage if Alkaline Ionized Water is used to reconstitute the juice. 

Normally you can add about 25 percent more water and still end up with a very satisfactory blend.  

Because the Alkaline Ionized Water is free of chlorine there is no chemical interaction between the chlorine and the vitamin C in the beverage.  

Vitamin C is partially counteracted by the presence of chlorine in tap water which is frequently used to reconstitute concentrates. 

Better Coffee and Tea

Using Alkaline Ionized Water to make coffee or tea also requires less coffee grounds and tea leaves than when making these beverages with tap water.  

Ordinarily, in making coffee or tea, you can cut back the amount of coffee grounds or tea leaves.  

This will result in a somewhat lighter color, but just as rich a flavor when using Alkaline Ionized Water for these beverages -- in fact, a much less bitter taste.  

Using Alkaline Ionized Water for coffee and tea is a simple way for the homemaker or restaurant owner to save on the cost of these drinks -- and there will be no ugly film on the surface of the coffee or tea which often occurs with tap water. 

Cooking Vegetables

Through the use of Alkaline Ionized Water in cooking, there is a noticeable improvement in the appearance and taste of the food.  

All fresh vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower et cetera should be cooked or steamed in Alkaline Ionized Water.

There is virtually no discoloration in potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and other vegetables -- and you are not introducing contaminants into the food.   

Promotes Sprouting of Seeds

Acidic Ionized Water is excellent for sprouting seeds such as alfalfa, beans and other seeds.  

Not only will you achieve a higher percentage of germination, but germination will occur sooner.  

The sprouts will grow free of contamination found in most tap water. 

They will also retain their crispness and freshness for a longer period of time.  


Alkaline Ionized Water is excellent for use in canning. 

Not only do fruits and vegetables retain a more natural color, but their flavor is better.  

Pasta Products

Another application of Alkaline Ionized Water is in the cooking of Pasta, Spaghetti, Macaroni, Noodles, Rice and other similar types of foods.  

These foods will absorb more Alkaline Ionized Water than tap water.  

This gives such foods a fuller texture and flavor, and there is less tendency for them to cling together.

Reconstituting Dehydrated Foods

In reconstituting dehydrated foods, Alkaline Ionized Water should be the liquid of choice since only pure water was removed in the process of dehydrating the food.  

This also includes the reconstituting of prunes, raisins and other types of dried fruits.  

Better reconstituting of the dehydrated food is achieved as a result of greater absorption of Alkaline Ionized Water than tap water. 

Mixed Drinks

Even mixed drinks are better when prepared with Alkaline Ionized Water as the mixer.  

Less alcohol can be used in such cocktails to achieve the same flavor.  

Chlorinated tap water can leach with alcohol to form dangerous by-products. 

Also, the color of the mixed drink will be drastically darker from iron in the tap water.

Health Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water [AIW]

Alkaline Ionized Water [AIW] is produced by the process of electrolysis in which the size and shape of the water molecule is reduced in size and is changed in shape to hexagonal.

Water molecules cannot stand alone but form in clusters. 

Normally, a Water Molecule Cluster is around 12 -16 in number.   

After the ionization process, a Water Cluster consists of 4-6 molecules with a reduction of surface tension.                                                               

This smaller size and shape allows the ionized water molecules to more effectively penetrate the tissue and cells of the body and provides for better transportation of nutrients and increased hydration. 

The decreased surface tension and hexagonal shape of the ionized water molecules makes it easier to remove acid waste from your cells which cause Toxemia, the root of all degenerative diseases such as cancer.

Alkaline Ionized Water [AIW] helps balance your body's pH.

In general, our bodies are out of balance and have become too acidic. 

A body that is too acidic provides the ideal environment for diseases to manifest and thrive in.

AIW helps reverse the aging process and is especially effective in the treatment of Diabetes, Constipation, Allergies, Migraines, Ulcers, High Blood Pressure, Hypertension, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Cleansing of the Intestinal Tract and Circulator Problems.

Alkaline Ionized Water can change the body chemistry to alkaline, which facilitates the Anti-Oxidant Process in reducing oxidative stress on the body allowing the cells to discharge excess water and toxins, resulting in weight loss with  increased health and energy.

Oxygen levels in our body are depleted through stress, environmental pollution, improper diet and lack of exercise. 

An enriched oxygen level helps destroy cancer cells, removes waste, carries nutrients and helps in resisting bacteria and viruses that invade our bodies. 

Oxidation Reduction Potential [ORP]

ORP stands for Oxidation-Reduction Potential. 

We are all familiar with iron rusting [oxidizing]. 

Oxidation means to break down – to burn up -- to rust and decay. 

The Negative ORP produced in Alkaline Ionized Water helps prevent oxidation damage to our body cells.

In general, our bodies are out of balance and have become too acidic which increases the potential for oxidation damage to our cells, providing the ideal environment for diseases to manifest and thrive in.  

With our bodies under such a state of siege [acidity] harmful Free Radicals are produced which create oxidation and destruction of healthy body cells.

Through the Negative ORP of Alkaline Ionized Water, Hydroxyl Ions are produced which help increase oxygen production, neutralize harmful Free Radicals, increase our energy level, correct our body's Acid/Alkalinity Balance and increase Cell Hydration, with a general reduction of damage to our cells and less likelihood for degenerative diseases to occur.

ORP is actually an electrical charge that is produced by the process of water electrolysis. 

ORP is measured in millivolts [mV].

A high Positive ORP -- such as found in most bottled and city water -- creates oxidation damage to our cells and accelerates the adverse health effects caused by harmful Free Radicals. 

Normal tap water has a Positive ORP of about +150 to +450 mV which increases the propensity to acquire electrons from other molecules and create Free Radical Damage to healthy cells.

Only a Negative ORP can act as an Anti-Oxidant, protecting our cells against the adverse effects of Positive ORP. 

For maximum health benefits, Alkaline Ionized Water must have a Negative ORP of at least -250 mV with a large mass of electrons ready to combine with and counteract the detrimental effects of Free Radicals.

Alkaline Ionized Water is a powerful Anti-Oxidant [Free Radical Scavenger] that protects cells from damage and promotes heath. 

Alkaline Ionized Water is the most effective and economical source of Anti-Oxidant on the planet.