General Uses of Envirolyte Activated Electrolyzed Aqua-Solutions

Production of High pH Alkaline Ionized Water [AIW] for Drinking and Cooking

The human health benefits of High pH Alkaline Ionized Water [AIW] are becoming increasingly recognized, with a vast unfilled market niche for the commercial production, bottling and bulk dispensing of AIW for drinking and cooking.

 As a beverage, High pH Alkaline Ionized Water [AIW] should be offered by every restaurant, cafeteria or other food service provider as a Premium Health-Enhancing Specialty Water that is listed on the beverage menu and sold by the glass, carafe or as Private Label Bottled Alkaline Ionized Water.

Veterinarian Applications and Livestock Farming:

  • Increased vitality and disease resistance
  • Improved fertility
  • 18% to 28% increase in milk production of Dairy Cows.
  • ·        Residue-free treatment of Mastitis, Diarrhea and Infection
  • Increased nutritional benefit of food
  • Reduced tension
  • ·        Enhanced growth

Poultry Industry:   

  • Drinking Water Disinfection to kill Salmonella.
  • General Disinfection, Surface Cleaning and Fog Misting Medium for Aerobic Bacteria
  • ·        Better Fodder Assimilation and Increased Nutritional Benefit of Food.
  • Promotes increased health by elimination of pathogens in drinking water
  • Lice and Other Pest Control on feathers.  Control of De-Feathering by Fog Misting to destroy Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria.


Silk Industry:

Healthier Mulberry Plants with larger leaves and increased quality as food in promoting faster growth of Silk Worms.  Silk Worm Mortality reduced 35% to 40% with corresponding increase in silk production.


  • Suppression of Pathogenic Fungi on Plants
  • Disinfection of Irrigation Water for Crop Spraying and Pest Control.
  • Decreased Toxicity of Effluent Filtration into Water Aquifers
  • Prolonged Shelf-Life of Vegetables, Fruit and Cut Flowers
  • ·        Disinfection of seeds, stimulation and acceleration of plant growth with increased yield
  • Disinfection of Stored Grain
  • Preservation of Fodder and Silage


Food Processing Plants:

General sanitizing & disinfection of food, equipment & facilities.

Cooling Towers and Air Conditioning Systems:

Control of Mold, Algae and Biological contamination.  Elimination of Bio-Film, Scaling and Corrosion.

Treatment of Ship Ballast Water:

Elimination of Biological and Organic Contamination in Ship Ballast Water enabling its safe discharge into the ocean after treatment.

Laundry Facilities:

The use of Acidic and Alkaline Ionized Water in laundries eliminates    the need for detergents and bleach.

Industrial Cleaning and Disinfection:

  • ·        Surface Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Removal of Bio-Film and Algae
  • Effective Biocide – including Legionella
  • Clean-in-Place [CIP] Sanitizing and Disinfection
  • Disinfection of Swimming Pool Water

Produce  Markets & Grocery Stores:

All produce markets and grocery stores should use Acidic Anolyte in lieu of misting fruits and vegetables with ordinary water.

Restaurants, Cafeterias and Other Food Service Facilities:

The equipment package for a restaurant includes an electrolyzer to produce Anolyte [Acidic Ionized Water] for use as a Sterilant and Disinfectant -- plus a second electrolyzer to produce Catholyte [Alkaline Ionized Water] for drinking and cooking. Instead of Municipal Tap Water that contains chlorine, other chemicals and pollutants that discolor and degrade the appearance, taste and nutritional value of food, Anolyte should always be used in washing and rinsing vegetables, fruit and other food products.

Anolyte is a very powerful disinfectant against all bacteria, viruses and other organisms, as well as killing fungi, mold and mildew.  Envirolyte Anolyte provides Full Spectrum Biocidal Disinfection and Sterilization Capabilities in eliminating human pathogens.  Testing of Envirolyte Anolyte has documented its effectiveness in the elimination of E.coli, Salmonella spp, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Legionella Pneumophila.  Envirolyte Anolyte has proven to be a much more effective Anti-Microbial Agent against E.coli 0157H:7 than Chlorinated Water, Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide or Chlorine.

Health, Dental and Medical Care:

Anolyte, Neutral Anolyte and Catholyte have multiple applications in Health, Dental and Medical Care.

Envirolyte Anolyte Systems are design engineered to automatically produce Activated Electrolyzed Aqua Solutions that provide effective disinfecting and sterilization with superior micro-biological performance. As a Cold Sterilant & Disinfectant, the sporicidal effect of Envirolyte Anolyte Solutions has proven to be greatly superior to other alternatives such as Gluteraldehyde. The absence of hazardous chemicals improves and provides safer working conditions.

Envirolyte Activated Aqua Solutions are totally harmless to the environment and require no special disposal with the electrolyzed solutions reverting back to ordinary water and their natural element state as 100% bio-degradable products with a neutral pH. Envirolyte electrolyzers do not require a high technical skill level to install and are simple to operate and maintain. The ability to generate Envirolyte Activated Aqua Solutions on-site is much more cost-effective and convenient than having to purchase, transport, store and handle the chemical products that were previously required.


Both Anolyte and Catholyte have multiple uses in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Extended Care Facilities. Anolyte is used as a disinfectant on tables, chairs, counter tops, sinks, floors, walls, toilet bowls, tubs, showers, hand rails and other hard surfaces.  Anolyte is entirely Non-Toxic, is Bio-Degradable & Non-Flammable.  Anolyte is both EPA and FDA listed.  In lieu of chlorine for washing fresh produce, Anolyte provides much greater disinfecting capabilities in reducing the transmission of food-borne illnesses.

Dental Care

Anolyte has been extensively studied in the US and abroad with demonstrated effectiveness against dental plaque formation, as well as reduction in bio-film formation in dental water lines.  In a recent study of the dental department of Loma Linda University, significant reductions in oral dental plaque were demonstrated.  In addition, dental water lines that were treated with Anolyte showed a significant reduction in measured bacterial counts as well as bio-film reduction.

Physical Therapy, Gyms & Fitness Centers

Anolyte can be fogged into physical therapy facilities, locker rooms, showers, toilet stalls and other areas that pose the risk of transmissible infections. As a Primary Water Disinfectant, Anolyte is a powerful agent in the elimination of Bacteria, Viruses, Spores, Mold, Fungi and Algae -- even when diluted in water or sprayed in the air.  FDA approved lab studies using Envirolyte Anolyte on MRSA [Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus] and VRE [Vancomysin Resistant Enterococcus] have shown impressive efficacy.

Janitorial Cleaning

Envirolyte Anolyte provides full spectrum biocidal disinfection and sterilization capabilities in eliminating human pathogens. Envirolyte Anolyte has proven to be a much more effective anti-microbial agent against E. coli 0157:H than Chlorinated Water, Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide or Chlorine. Testing of Envirolyte Anolyte has documented its effectiveness in the elimination of E-coli, Salmonella spp, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa & Legionella Pneumophila. Tennant offers the ech2o™ Electrically Activated Water Floor Scrubber System which eliminates the use of detergents and other chemical cleaners.  To generate Acidic and Alkaline Ionized water, the ech2o™ system uses a Flat Water Cell that is manufactured by EmcoTech [Korea].

For information and to view a video, see

For use in competitor floor scrubbers, Envirolyte offers Round Water Cell technology that is vastly superior to Flat Water Cells.

Emergency Water Systems

In the event of natural disaster or other emergency situation, it is often difficult to obtain clean, unpolluted, non-toxic water.  By having a Portable Envirolyte Water Purification System, safe pure water can be produced when it is needed the most.