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Crab Farming in Australia

Crab Farming in Australia

Norvelita Fish Processing Plant in Lithuania

Norvelita processes Salmon filets at the rate of 20,000 kilos per day. Whole salmon is cooled with ice and delivered by truck from Norway. Upon arrival, the salmon is washed with neat ANK [Neutral Anolyte] consisting of 200 parts per million of Free Available Chlorine [FAC] with an ORP of 420 to 450 mV.  This initial washing keeps the fish fresh for 3-4 days longer than without ANK treatment.  Thereafter, the process uses both Anolyte & Catholyte Activated Electrolyzed Aqua Solutions with Bactericidal, Virucidal & Fungicidal Efficacy and Non-Toxic properties that have been clinically proven as to their effectiveness and harmless use on foodstuff.

Envirolyte recommends the use of Anolyte & Catholyte as follows:

Washing & Disinfection of Surfaces, Containers, Food Processing Tools and Equipment:

  • ·        For washing of walls, floors, ceilings, counter-tops, cutting boards, containers, knives, cleavers and other food processing tools, Catholyte is added to the detergent that is used for removing fatty grease.
  • ·        Catholyte is mixed with the detergent in the ratio of 25% to 50% Catholyte. 
  • ·        As an Alkaline Solution with a pH of 11.5 to 12.6, Catholyte has excellent grease removal and washing properties.
  • ·        For disinfecting, ANK [Neutral Anolyte] of 0.02% [200 milligrams per liter of Active Chlorine] pH 7.1 to 7.3, ORP 410-450 is used by itself with an exposure of 15-20 minutes.
  • ·        After disinfecting it is not necessary to wash the surface with water because Anolyte neutralizes and returns to its initial state -- water and salt.

Please note that this application of Anolyte is not enough to ensure complete disinfection and is only for maintaining a relatively satisfactory state of sanitization.  Once a week, plant disinfecting is recommended with a stronger 0.05% Anolyte ANK Solution of 500 milligrams per liter of Free Available Chlorine.

Cleaning & Disinfection of Closed System Equipment:

  • ·        Anolyte ANK + Catholyte should be mixed with the detergent habitually used for removing fat at a ratio 50% Anolyte ANK/Catholyte and 50% detergent.  
  • ·        The solution must maintain contact for 15 to 20 minutes, or circulate for 15 to 20 minutes in Clean-in-Place [CIP] Systems.
  • ·        After use, the solution must be washed out with water.

The brine concentration [10% to 12% NaCl] that has been used to brine fish, can be decontaminated using 0.05% Anolyte ANK solution, pH 6.9-7.2.  The procedure is as follows: To 1000 liters of brine, add 20 liters of ANK the first day; 20 liters of ANK on the second day and 15 liters of ANK on the third day.

Water Disinfection:

  • ·        Disinfect the water system with 0.05% Anolyte ANK Solution.
  • ·        Then add 15 liters of 0.05% Anolyte ANK [500 parts per million of Free Available Chlorine] to the water system for every 1000 liters of water to be disinfected.

Waste Water Disinfection:

  • ·        To disinfect waste water, use 1 liter of Catholyte for every 100 liters of waste water to provide precipitation.
  • ·        Then add 1 liter of 0.05% Anolyte ANK for every 100 liters of waste water to be disinfected.

Fog generators should be used to spray 0.02% Anolyte ANK for disinfecting air in the premises and ventilation shafts. At the end of the working week it is recommended that the premises be sprayed with 0.05% Anolyte ANK solution.

Disinfection of Carts & Vehicles: 

  • ·        Add 25% to 50% of Anolyte to the wash water to which a small amount of detergent has been added.
  • ·        Then disinfect using Anolyte ANK with a concentration of 0.02% to 0.05% [200-500 milligrams per liter of Free Available Chlorine].
  • ·        After disinfecting it is not necessary to rinse with water.

Brushes, Scrubbers, Washing Cloths etc:  Disinfect with 0.02% Anolyte ANK.

Fish Processing:

  • ·        Soak the fish for 3 to 5 minutes in a 0.005 to 0.01% concentration of Anolyte ANK solution.
  • ·        Inject the fish fillet with a 10% to 12% NaCl solution to which 0.05% Anolyte ANK is added in the ratio of 1 liter to 10 liters of brine solution. 


Salmon Processing

Filets are cleaned and cut into 100 and 200 gram portions. All tools and premises are washed with 50% to 50% mix detergent and catholyte.  Disinfection is done with neat ANK [200-230 ppm of Free Available Chlorine] Tools and all factory equipment is made of 4VA grade stainless steel, thus no corrosion if even neat Anolyte is applied.
Salmon Filets ready for packaging.
Envirolyte Equipment 
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