A Water Store is the ideal entry point to gain experience in the water business and eventually grow the operation into a Full-Fledged Water Bottling Plant.  Water Stores provide customers with convenience and assurance that the water they use for drinking and cooking is Safe and Pure.

The demand for clean, fresh pure water is everywhere.  Whenever you live -- in the U.S. or abroad -- an unfilled market niche exists for Safe Pure Water.  The water business is one of the most lucrative and profitable enterprises worldwide due to the fact that every human being on earth must have Safe Pure Water on a daily basis to stay alive.

There is in fact a severe shortage of available Potable Water Sources for Drinking and Cooking, with 99.5% of the earth's water locked-up in Ice Bergs or Ocean Salt Water.  With the remaining 0.05% of available water becoming increasingly polluted with Disease Causing Microorganisms, Chemicals and Other Contaminants, more and more people are turning to Bottled Water to avoid the putrid water that is encountered with many Municipal Water Sources.

Alarmingly, several cities in the U.S. are Recycling Sewer Water to produce Drinking Water!  An incredible potential exists in the Water Store Business for those getting on board at the Present Ground Floor Level of Opportunity as the demand for Safe Pure Water goes through its present state of Lift-Off Velocity to a Supersonic Hyper-Growth State of Acceleration throughout the world as concern grows over the ever-decreasing sources and increasing contamination of the world supply of Potable Water for Drinking and Cooking.

A Water Store can produce and sell Reverse Osmosis (RO) Purified Water, Distilled Water or Alkaline Ionized Water for drinking and cooking.

Pure water is produced on-site in a sanitary environment that is open for view as to cleanliness and compliance with FDA Regulations, prescribed Local and State Standards and Good Manufacturing Procedures [GMP].

Customers have the option of filling their own bottles, or purchasing pre-filled and sealed 3 and 5 gallon bottles of water.  A Water Store operation can also include the bottling and delivery of RO, Distilled or Alkaline Ionized Water in 3 and 5 gallon reusable bottles to offices, warehouses, homes and other customer locations – with Hot and Chilled Water Dispensers provided by the Water Store on a lease or purchase basis.

A Water Store Can Work For You 24 Hours a Day!  During and after normal operating hours, customers have access to a Self-Service Outside Filling Station with Thru-the-Window Vending Unit or Thru-the-Wall Vending Unit


Also growing in popularity for the health benefits of drinking Alkaline Ionized Water is the Envirolyte ECO-120 Residential and Commercial Water Purifier/Ionizer -- the sale of which will increase the profits of a Water Store.  The Envirolyte ECO-120 Residential and Commercial Water Purifier/Ionizer is designed to purify water as well as produce Alkaline Ionized Water [AIW] for human consumption.  See Product Tab.

In addition to safe pure water, a Water Store offers water-related products such as

  • ·        Crocks
  • ·        Coolers
  • ·        Water Dispensers
  • ·        Pressure Cookers/Canners
  • ·        Can Sealers
  • ·        Food Processors
  • ·        Life Saver Non-Electric Steam Water Distiller System