international partners

PERICOM enjoys strategic business alliances with several international companies. As a  Nigerian Company with  strong  international  partnerships,   we are   poised  to  contributing  our   quota   to   the  development   of  humanity   and  the industry.   

PERICOM enters into strategic alliances with some foreign companieswith proven technical capability and experience to achieve its aim of providing unequalled service.  Presently, we enjoy business alliances with several international companies that include:

Envirolyte Pericom Nigeria

Biomassters Global Inc

TECHTROL LIMITED is a British manufacturer of Incinerators for animal, clinic and general wastes.

METEKA GmbH is an Austrian company producing waste disinfectant devises and containers for the treatment of hospital wastes.

HS DYNAMIC ENERGY COMPANY LIMITED OF CHINA for the Mini to Medium Scale Hydro Power.

GRUPO CHAMARTIN OF SPAIN for Centre Pivot Irrigation System

COMPACT MILLING SYSTEMS OF AUSTRIA for Compact milling equipment for Flour Mill